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World Arts East Red Hook is a great place to explore the arts and wellness from around the globe. Review some of our offerings below as well as the benefits of these forms.


We offer alignment based yoga with instructors who make sure you are safe and are introduced to the rich knowledge of yoga (asana- yoga postures, philosophy, pranayama, nutrition, and meditation). Our studio also offers yoga instruction with the Great Yoga Wall; a unique wall system to enhance your asana practice no matter if you are a beginner or advanced student.

Benefits: Increases strength, energy and flexibility, mental clarity, cardiovascular health, improved athletic performance, combats signs of aging


Samba, a dance with Afro-Brazilian origins, uses simple to intricate footwork, pronounced movements of the hips and arms to accent the rhythm of the samba. There are varied styles of Samba including: Samba no Pe, Samba Gafiera, Samba Pagode, Samba Axe, and Samba Reggae. Some styles of samba are performed solo and some with a partner.

Benefits: Strong cardio workout, increases musicality, increases endurance


Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art form, disguised as a dance also integrates music, language, and acrobatics in its practice.

Benefits: Strength, endurance, flexibility, learn an instrument, musicality


The origins of Salsa originate from the Cuban Son (1920's) from Santiago, Cuba. Elements of son, danzon, rumba, mambo and cha cha cha were fused together to create a 'salsa' of rhythms and dance. Artists from New York, Puerto Rico , Colombia and more have added unique elements of their native sounds and created Cali style salsa, Salsa Dura/ NY Salsa on 2, and more.

Ballet Workout and Floor Barre

Our Ballet workout class uses the fundamentals of ballet training to sculpt and tone your body.

Floor Barre, or ballet on the floor integrates ballet training, while using the resistance of the floor, and stretching.

Benefits: Increases core strength, tone and sculpt a leaner body, aids flexibility and strength

Afro Cuban Modern

Afro Cuban Modern, is a rich technique that fuses ballet, flamenco, modern dance, and Afro Cuban dance.

Benefits: Increase strength and flexibility, understand syncopated and percussive rhythms, enhance performance, better cardiovascular health

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